Ask An Expert: The Drawing Expert

Hello! Today i would like to post my interview with an expert. Yay! His fullname is Muhammad Ihsan Hernanta, you can call him Ihsan. He is a second term student of Islamic Indonesia University Jogja, architecture study program. I choose him as my expert interview subject because of his skill on drawing. Here is my interview with my expert.



Me: Assalamualaikum. Good afternoon Mr Ihsan.

Expert: Waalaikumsalam. Good afternoon too.

Me: So, when you started to drawing?

Expert: Since I was elementry school grade one. At that time I saw my brother drawing some cartoons, and I started getting interest on drawing. After that I explored the other cartoons to draw.

Me: What masterpiece(s) have you made?

Expert: Pictures of drawing and painting. Most of them are about building constructions.

Me: What media(s) that you used to draw?

Expert: I usually used pencil, eraser, and pencil color to finishing, and sketchbook as the base.

Me: Why most of your drawing are about building constructions?

Expert: Because I am an architecture student and always related to building constructions and the other properties.

Me: Wow, pretty cool. So, how the building looks like when you used to draw?

Expert: The real building that have been exist or the fiction building using my own imagination. Not only that, but i also combine the building that have exist with the fiction one. Sometimes I also give some changes to the building.

Me: Some changes like what?

Expert: The changes that I mean are make it more futuristic and more extreme just like the background of the action movie, Doctor Strange.

Me: How many masterpiece(s) that have you done?

Expert: I dont know surely. Most of my drawings are just for filling my free time.

Me: Your next plan(s) related to your skill?

Expert: My next plan is I am going to draw building construction using the new technique.

Here i attached some of his masterpiecesūüėä

That’s all about my post today.Thank you for reading, see you!

I Can’t Imagine Live Without…

images(1).jpgHello readers, i hope you all have a great day today. Hmm, so what things are they make your day going great today? Can you imagine if you cant live without that things? Naah, it sounds so bad right?ūüė•

For me, i cant imagine live without the sun. The natural renewable source energy for life. You get the point? Yup, light of the sun make our life sooo bright. If the light of the sun does not exist, can you tell me what will happen? One of them is the plants can not do photosynthesis, and the oxygen does not exist! Another reason why i cant imagine live without the sun is our solar system does not have a center out there. The sun’s light is our main energy source, without it we can not see everything clearly. We also need sun’s light for bones growing, because vitamin D is available on the sun’s light. Our skin will turn into yellow if we dont come into contact of the sun’s light, just like walking yellow zombie haha. No, i’m just kidding. So we need sun so much for life. What do you think if we cant live without the sun’s light?

I think that’s all about my opinions, thank you for visiting my blog to read this post. See you!

My Skill

imagesHello readers! I will share about my skill on this post. The first thing I thought when I heard the word ‘skill’ was nothing, just like I dont have any spectacular skill. But I believe, I absolutely have at least one boom¬†skill that will amazed you. Maybe I am not realize it yet. But, talking about skill I want to share my story. When I was elementary school, I started to play¬†orgen. Do you know¬†orgen? Ya, it is a music instrument as same as piano. But, some things make it little different between¬†orgen and piano.¬†Orgen can release unique sounds. Have you heard the¬†orgen was playing?

Time past, day by day, still elementary grade, I interested to play and play¬†orgen. I try to practice an easy kid song. Not enough one easy song, I keep on practice and practice more songs. Do you believe I learn play¬†orgen without go to a course? Hehe. I learn it by myself with the help of my sisters, but I just know the basic way to play¬†it. Not really bad, huh? With this skill at least I can play some songs. But now I rarely play it again, because the collage activities. I will partition my time later to play¬†orgen again, i’ve missed it.

I planned to enhance this skill. What will i do? Nah, I will keep practice more songs, maybe a little bit difficult songs. And maybe I will try to practice singing. So I can cover some songs later hehe. Maybe that’s it I can share with you, readers. Thank you for reading!

Robots in the Home



Critical cartoons

Warm up

  1. I used at least 11 electronic devices. They are fan, refrigerator, lamp, ricecooker, air conditioner, television, handphone, dvd player, laptop, dispenser, and vacuum cleaner.
  2. Nowadays, robots help people do their habbits like washing, cooking, and cleaning. It would be great if robots could take us to the destination place if we trapped on the traffic jam
  3. Yes, there are do my assignment and do exercise by myself because the education and healthiness are for myself.

Core vocabulary

Scanning and skimming

adopt: legally take (another’s child) and bring it up as one’s own.

aid: help or support (someone or something) in the achievement of something.

career: working permanently in or committed to a particular profession.

code: a system of words, letters, figures, or symbols used to represent others, especially for the purposes of secrecy.

doubt: feel uncertain about.

effort: attempt to do something

force: the powerful effect of something.

oppose: disagree with and attempt to prevent, especially by argument.

potential: having or showing the capacity to develop into something in the future.

serve: provide (an area or group of people) with a product or service.

Why I Continue My Study To University Level


Assalamualaikum wr wb

Hi readers, welcome to my blog. First let me introduce myself. My full name is Yulistya Vidyaning Maulidya, you can call me Vidy. I was born at Pontianak on July 7th 1998. I am the youngest child of three. Then? Oh, how about my hobby? I think i don’t have any specific hobbies to do, but i like listen to music and watch some movies. Never ask me to watch horror or thriller movies. Nah, i’m just kidding, i’m a brave person anywayūüėČ

I was study at Senior High School number 1 Pontianak, math and science class. Now, i continue my study at Tanjungpura University, Math and Science Faculty, chemistry study program. I choose chemistry because it is my favorite subject while i was study at senior high school. So, why i continue my study to university level?

Education is growing through the day, so information does. The reason why i continue to the university level is i want to get knowledges, so i can build my own bright future. Why? Because now i believe, i am the next generation to give some positive changes to make the better world. Maybe i can solve nowadays problems that have revealed yet in the future. It sounds like just dream, but am i wrong if i dreamed as high as the sky then make it come true?:) Wait me to be your future problem solver based on chemistry skill.

Nah, not only build my own bright future but also i want to make my parents proud of me if i already successed someday. I will keep study to make all of my reasons continue study to the university level come true.

I think that is all i can share with you, readers. I would like to say thank you for visiting my blog and read this post. See you in the next post.

Khatulistiwa Sang Titik Nol Derajat

Obyek-Wisata-Tugu-Khatulistiwa-kota-pontianak.jpgIndonesia memiliki objek wisata yang sangat beragam, tetapi objek wisata peninggalan Belanda yang tepatnya berada di Pontianak, Kalimantan Barat ini memiliki keunikan terdsindiri.Ya, Tugu Khatulistiwa ini terletak pada posisi 0 derajat, 0 menit dan 0 detik, unik bukan? Tugu ini menjadi ikon kota Pontianak serta objek wisata bagi pengunjung yang datang ke Pontianak.

Tugu ini dibangun oleh seorang ekspedisi internasional Belanda pada tahun 1928. Berikut konstruksi Tugu Khatulistiwa oleh salah satu ahli geografi berkebangsaan Belanda:

  1. Tugu pertama dibangun tahun 1928 berbentuk tonggak dengan anak panah.
  2. Tahun 1930 disempurnakan, berbentuk tonggak dengan lingkarang dan anak panah.
  3. Tahun 1938 dibangun kembali dengan penyempurnaan oleh opzicter / architech Silaban. Tugu asli tersebut dapat dilihat pada bagian dalam.
  4. Tahun tahun 1990, kembali Tugu Khatulistiwa tersebut direnovasi dengan pembuatan kubah untuk melindungi tugu asli serta pembuatan duplikat tugu dengan ukuran lima kali lebih besar dari tugu yang aslinya. Peresmiannya pada tanggal 21 September 1991.

Bangunan tugu terdiri dari 4 buah tonggak kayu belian (kayu besi), masing-masing berdiameter 0,30 meter, dengan ketinggian tonggak bagian depan sebanyak dua buah setinggi 3,05 meter dan tonggak bagian belakang tempat lingkaran dan anak panah penunjuk arah setinggi 4,40 meter.

Diameter lingkaran yang ditengahnya terdapat tulisan EVENAAR (bahasa Belanda yang berarti Equator) sepanjang 2,11 meter. Panjang penunjuk arah 2,15 meter.

Tulisan plat di bawah anak panah tertera 109o 20′ OLvGr menunjukkan letak berdirinya tugu khatulistiwa pada garis Bujur Timur.


Tugu ini terletak di Jl. Khatulistiwa, Siantan, Pontianak Utara, Kalimantan Barat.