Speech: Modernization in Life

Assalamualaikum wr. wb.

The honorable English lecture of Tanjungpura University and all of my beloved friends,

First of all I would to give my thank to Allah SWT who has given us the blessing and guidance, so we can gather here in this place, also prayers and greetings to our Prophet Muhammad saw.

All of my friends,

Today we live in the modern era. This happened because of the modernization. Modernization is a transformation form of traditional condition to the better condition called modern era in the hope to realizing the prosperous, progress, and development society in life. In the other meaning, we can say modernization as a result from progress of a knowledge and technology that still evolve until now. Modernization is really enjoyed by the society, but it has the positive and negative effects for us.

For the positives, it’s easier for us in the way to looking some information, so that knowledge is faster to develop and ready to be applied. The life stage become better because until today there are so many development of life that can change the economy of Indonesia to achieve the prosperous society in life. Modernization also can caused the change of value and manner of society from irrational become rational.

Meanwhile for the negative effects, people are become individualism because the social interact between one each other are ignored with the presence of technology. The wrong modern lifestyles that are used to wasting money and do the other useless activities. And the most important one, social gaps are happening in Indonesia.

All of my friends,

A transformation not always bring some bad things. We are all as an independent society have to filter which are good and bad things in life. I hope from this speech, all of us can take which good and get rid of which bad.

That’s all the speech I can deliver. No more or less as well as the mistakes that I said either intentionally or not, I really apologize. Thank you for your attention.

Wassalamualaikum wr. wrb.

Check this link to see my speech video:


Robots in The Home (Part 3)


3. Reading skills

A. Pre-reading questions

1.) Robot can make our lives better in the future with helping us to do our daily activities, such as cooking, sweeping, ironint, etc. Meanwhile, robots make our live worse because we are too dependent by the robots’s performance. Not only too dependent but also make us lazy to do something because all the duties have done by the robot.

2.) The kinds of robots we would like to see are the robots can write something what we say and the robots keep our safe 24hours a day.


B. Reading

1.) Gates suggests that soon robots will adopted in the home in the same way that personal computers have been.

2.) First, robots need a brain -a computer.

3.) If we are alone, they will keep us company and entertain us.


C. Identifying topic and main idea

1.) c. robots in the home

2.) a. robots will improve our lives in many ways


E. Identifying opinions

   a. all technology has done is to make our lives busier and more dependent on       machines than ever.


Going beyond the text

3.) -Airline pilot

We disagree, because if the robot become the pilot, then the lives of passengers will be threatened in cause robots controlled by the system


We disagree, because cooking have to use the feeling and taste, meanwhile the robots don’t have them all


We disagree, because robots have been programmed by the systems, so they don’t know the new ill

    -Police officer

We agree, because robots can watch out the traffic 24 hours a day, so no one can break the rule


We disagree, because the robots can not imitate human voice and robots’s voice not will as same as human voice

    -Store clerk

We disagree, because the robots can not calculate and the robots can not understand what the buyers are ask

    -Taxi driver

We agree, because it can help us to get where we want without any effort to employ people


We disagree, because the robots have programmed, so if we don’t understand the robots can not answers our questions

Robots in the Home (Part 2)


C. Word parts: uni

1. Find five words with uni in the puzzle and circle them. Check their meanings.


university: a high-level educational institution in which students study for degrees and academic research is done.

universal: a thing having universal effect, currency, or application.

universe: all existing matter and space considered as a whole; the cosmos.

unified: make or become united, uniform, or whole.

uniform: the distinctive clothing worn by members of the same organization or body or by children attending certain schools.

2. Complete the sentences below with the words from the puzzle.

1.) Rita is a university student.

2.) The desire for love is universal.

3.) The universe began about 14 bilion years ago.

4.) East and West Germany were unified in 1990.

5.) At many schools, students must wear a uniform.

May 10th until May 17th

Wednesday, May 10th 2017

Holaa! Wednesday! Math class and lab work. Actually since this wednesday campuss should have no teaching and learning process because of SBMPTN test. Yup, math class didn’t gave chance to off because the lecture must finnish the materials before final exam. Today lab work was about reduction and oxidation reaction, here’s I attach some photos while doing lab work. May 10th is my Dad’s birthday yayy. So after lab work and go home, me and my family celebrate Dad’s birthday. Happy birthday my superhero!

By the way, I visited auditorium in the last day of expo but I went there about 7pm. Ya, the expo was finished. Dissapointed😞




Thursday, May 11th 2017

Thursday, finally no campuss no class and no lab work. But I must kept did my journal and report for saturday. Yap, there was an organic chemistry lab work. Oh no, full day with my journal.

Friday, May 12th 2017

Friday, huh. What am I did that day? I’m totally forgot😂 I’m so sorry. But I just remember me and my friends went to lab for prepared the sample to lab work on saturday.


Saturday, May 13th 2017

Lab work lab work lab work! Saturday morning me and my friends must measured the weight of the sample that we were used. Can you imagine, we used to measured 24 times. But it is okay as long as we can do it together hehe. Afternoon come, it’s time to lab work. Yup, such a tiring day…


uji fenol.jpg

Sunday, May 14th 2017

Rest time! I didn’t go anywhere, just laid on my bed and enjoyed the quality time with my family. I love this situation😍 But I kept did my report for monday uhh.


Monday, May 15th 2017

Still did my report, oh no it is almost dateline. At 1pm the report must be submitted. I have printed yet my report and the time was 12.30pm. And… finally, I finished it yay.

Tuesday, May 16th 2017

Still campuss-off, but I must went to campuss. I sold some cookies for money with my friends. Hehe money for what? Let me explain this, my program study will have a birthday so we make an event to celebrate. So the money from the cookies will be donated to our event.

Wednesday, May 17th 2017

This day was the last day of second basic chemistry lab work. Yuhuu. Such a powerfull day haha. Wah, time flies fast, I dont even aware I’m going to third semester this year. Not a freshman anymore?😂

My Future Business


Hello! Welcome back to my blog. Today i would like to post about my future business. I dont know what to do if I am become a business woman, but i got an idea i will make a pet training house. Yup, it sounds good right? Can you imagine, I can meet some cute pets everyday which come to my training house for pet. Cats, dogs, also birds or the other unique pets will be trained. I think I will train them about how to be a good pet and teach them how to survival when they are lost from their owners. I teach them based on their type, for example for the four-legs animal, two-legs animal, winged animal and many more. The most important thing, they will be trained how to survival using their six senses. I think animals also have senses but with different shapes.

Not only training for pets, but also treatment for pets too. Every weekend the pets may come to this pet training house to get treatment for relaxing such as massage and salon. Dont worry, the price of this pet training house is soooo affordable. And I offered you all with competitions that will be held once a month. This competition as a way to see how far the pets can flow with the training. The winner of the competition will get some prizes! Interested? Let’s come to my pet training house, I’ll wait you all with that cute pets too.

Haha, I think someday I want to make this business come true.

Thankyou for visiting my blog for read this post. Enjoy your day!

Conversation Task

Yulistya: Hey, I have to tell something. I designed a robot!

Nimkatun: Is it a robot? Wow! What’s the robot looks like?

Yulistya:  The robot looks like? Hmm, maybe just small and like octopus but it has 4 tentacles. I believe it will useful someday

Nikmatun: Yes you’re right, it will be useful in the future. What is the name of the robot and the special thing(s) of it?

Yulistya: I will name it “the seasons”, and the special thing the robot can make four seasons you know? Like spring, autumn, winter, and fall

Nikmatun: What are the special feature of the robot?

Yulistya: The special features? Hmm, I think the robot has four buttons where you can push it based on their name just like maybe you push the winter button and it will be winter

Nikmatun: How can the robot communicate?

Yulistya: The robot’s communicate with bluetooth earphone, so we just use the earphone and the robot can communicate just like human being

Nikmatun: How much it will cost?

Yulistya: I think it will cost 25 millions! Oh, I think that’s all, see you!


!Sorry for the bad quality of the video. We’re on the video call hehe. Sorry for not using youtube, i have some trouble with it so i upload the video via dropbox. Here’s the link to our video, check this out:


Yulistya Vidyaning Maulidya (H1031161003)

Nikmatun Khasanah (H1031161009)

Tutorial How To Make Onion Rings


Hello readers! I back again on my blog! Today I would like to tell you how to make something based on my tutorial video. What is onion rings? Onion rings are a form of appertizer or side dish. That is tutorial about how to make crispy onion rings. Yeayy! Before I show you how to make crispy onion rings, I need to prepare the equipments and materials.

The equipments are:

  • spoon and plate
  • chopping utensils

The materials are:

  • onions 2 pieces
  • water as needed
  • seasoning (a pinch)
  • wheat flour (a half of cup)



  1. take onion and cut into a half with chopping utensils
  2. remove the onion peel and also the tip
  3. gently cut the onion horizontally
  4. then take a bowl of a half wheat flour and water
  5. pour water into the bowl
  6. stir gently the mixture of wheat flour and water
  7. put the onion into the mixture flour
  8. next take and put the seasoning as needed and stir
  9. pour the cooking oil into the frying pan
  10. heat the stove
  11. put the mixture of onion and flour into the frying pan
  12. fried until get brownish
  13. if it turns brownish already, raise and drain the crispy onion rings
  14. serve it with ketchup, crispy onion rings ready to eat!

Oh, I almost forget. I put my video on dropbox and I will share the link so you can watch my tutorial video. Please check this link out:


Look tasty, isn’t it? But I am so sorry because the onion rings don’t look so crispy but the taste is crispy with the tender texture. This happening because the cooking oil isn’t drained yet. So I hope to you all the readers please drain the oil perfectly hehe.

In the end, I would like to say thank you to my sister who help me on the video making process.

I think that’s all, thank you for reading and watching my tutorial. See you on the other tutorial hehe. Good luck on trying the recipe!